Vision & Values

Our Vision

Simplify growth for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Malaysia. SOLV Malaysia aims to offer a digital B2B ecosystem in a trusted environment, whilst easing access to Financial Services, Business Services as well as an e-Commerce platform.

Our Values

We at SOLV believe that strong core values are the foundation of an inspirational business model. Our people and customers are at the center of everything that we do. In our endeavor to ensure that we prioritize them, our values act as guidance. They give focus and direction to the team, helping them work towards the larger common goal. Our values define the way of life for us here at SOLV.

Our values are interwoven throughout the cultural tapestry of SOLV. Our culture keeps evolving with the contributions that each person makes. We believe that culture is a melting pot of personal beliefs and values that each of us here at SOLV brings to the family. Each one of us hold these values paramount and live by them, every day. Our values are the guiding principles for acceptable behavior at work and help us go from strength to strength. Internalizing these standards has resulted in a powerful team here at SOLV that are immensely dedicated to catering to the needs of our customers.







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